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Schedule a webinar

Step 1

From the channel management page, click Add content. Select Schedule a webinar and choose the proper webinar type (select webinar for presenting slides and audio, and pro webinar for screen demos).

Step 2

Fill in the relevant webcast details. Click proceed.

Select Practice (Private) under Publishing to schedule a practice webinar. Campaign reference allows you to add your organization’s own campaign or booking reference that relates to this webcast.

Step 3

You are taken to the Prepare & present screen. From this area, you can add content, invite your audience, gather login details for your presenters and more.

Edit details or cancel webinar

To reschedule a webinar or change a webinar’s details, click Edit booking. This will bring you to an overview of your webinar details. Click Edit settings to change your details or Cancel booking to cancel your event.
An Email notification will be sent to your audience alerting them that the event they registered for has been rescheduled or canceled.

Useful tips

  • A live webinar will automatically shut down 4 minutes past the scheduled end time. Manage your time accordingly.
  • Your webinar will automatically convert to an on-demand recording.
  • An unlimited number of practice sessions are available to you. Use them to test timing, audio quality and review performance before a live event.
  • The cut-off point to make any changes to a webinar is 15 minutes before the start time.

Upload slides

Upload your finished slide deck as soon as it is ready. The absolute deadline for uploading your slide deck is 15 minutes before the webinar goes live. After that time, you will be unable to edit your slides in any way. Aim for uploading slides the day before your event to ensure a smooth delivery for you and your speakers.

Step 1

Click Add Slides Now from the presenter overview panel.

Step 2

Browse for your PowerPoint file and click Upload.

Step 3

A status update lets you know when your slides have been successfully uploaded.

Useful tips

  • BrightTALK will take the first slide in your PPT deck as your webinar’s featured image.
  • BrightTALK accepts PowerPoint 2011 or older.
  • The maximum file size is 20 MB.
  • BrightTALK does not support builds or animations in slides.
  • Break down your builds into a series of flat images before uploading.
  • You can only upload one slide deck. If you have multiple presenters with different slide decks, combine all decks into one master deck.
  • Uploading a new deck will replace the current one.

Add votes

Upload your finished slide deck as soon as it is ready. The absolute deadline for uploading your slide deck is 15 minutes before the webinar goes live. After that time, you will be unable to edit your slides in any way. Aim for uploading slides the day before your event to ensure a smooth delivery for you and your speakers.

Step 1

Click Votes on the presenter overview panel.

Step 2

Fill in a question and list the potential answers (up to five), then click Save Vote. Create additional votes by filling out the form again.

Make changes to saved votes by clicking Edit this Vote.

Step 3

Click Finished Adding Votes to return to the presenter overview panel.

Useful tips

  • You can add votes up to 15 minutes before a live webinar.
  • Votes are displayed manually, and can be done in any order.
  • Keep in mind you are not required to use your votes even if you’ve already created them.
  • The results of a vote are displayed in real-time to the audience after they vote. Individual responses can be found under the reporting tools.

Add attachments

Attach white papers, marketing collateral, slide decks, and videos to your webinars. This is a great way to extend the reach of the assets you’ve already created and qualify your subscribers.

Step 1

Select Attachments from the webcast management page.

Step 2

Select an attachment type from the drop-down menu.

Step 3

Complete the appropriate fields for your selection and click Upload (File) or Add (URL).

Locate your attachments

Useful tips

  • You can add attachments up to 15 minutes before a live webinar.
  • Attachments will be made available to your audience when your webinar goes live.
  • You can edit and add attachments to your on-demand webinars.
  • The most frequently requested attachment is a copy of the presentation slides.
  • Consider attaching documents as PDFs so that they cannot be edited.
  • Information on the number of downloads and who downloaded them can be found in webcast reports.

Prepare your presenters

Access detailed instructions for your presenters from the presenter overview panel.

Step 1

From the presenter overview panel select Get Instructions to access the Presenter Instructions window.

Step 2

Click Copy to clipboard and paste the information into your email client or calendar invitation to send to your presenters.

Whats included

The following items are included in the presenter instructions:

  • Webcast title
  • Scheduled date and time
  • Event duration
  • URL link to the Presenting Screen
  • Presenting Screen access PIN
  • Slide upload instructions
  • Details on the optimal technical setups and computer requirements to ensure a successful presentation.

Useful tips

  • We encourage you to share your presenter’s instructions as early as possible.
  • Presenters should refer to the dial-in number they see on the Presenting Screen on live day.
  • Up to 6 presenters can be dialed into the audio bridge.
  • Your presenters must be logged in with a BrightTALK account to access the Presenting Screen.
  • The presenting screen enables presenters to upload slides, add votes and attachments, and generate embed codes in addition to controlling slides during the live event. Use this area to empower presenters to do some of your work, securely.

Present live on the day

Access the presenting screen either from the channel management page or the link included with the presenter instructions. Upon logging in, dial in using the provided phone number and PIN. Select Dial in options if you require alternative numbers or international options.

Step 1

Start Presenting – A Start Presenting button will appear at your scheduled start time. You can also use Start Webcast in the lower right to set your webinar to go live.

Step 2

Progress Slides – Use Next Slide to progress to the next slide in your deck, or the  button to view the full slide deck and skip to another slide.

Step 3

Status indicator – The status indicator starts out as yellow when your event is in Stand By mode and turns green once you are On Air.

Start your presentation

A timer counts down the remaining minutes and seconds until the webinar is scheduled to go live.

Message your live audience

Use the Live audience messaging window (located directly under the presenter player) to send out live messages to your entire audience. This is useful for letting the audience know if there will be a late start, or to prompt them to view the attachments at the end of a webinar.

Manage questions

Click Questions at the top of the presenting screen to access questions from the audience. Checking Prioritize will bring the selected question to the top of the list. Checking Answered sends the question to the bottom.

Manage votes

Click Votes to poll your live audience. Click Start Audience Voting on the vote you would like to initiate. This will create an overlay with the vote over the audience’s screen. Responses will be accepted until you click Stop Audience Voting. The audience will see the results in real time.

Useful tips

  • The audience will not be able to hear you until the webinar goes live.
  • Once live, all those logged into the presenter’s screen have the ability to control slides, start or stop votes, manage questions and end the webinar.
  • Ask a team member who is not presenting to manage questions from the audience and votes for a more seamless presenter and audience experience.
  • Details on who asked questions, responded to votes, or downloaded attachments are captured in webinar reports. Leveraging these interaction features is a great way to qualify leads and gather more information on your viewers.
  • Presenters can dial into the audio bridge 15 minutes before the webinar start time. We encourage presenters to use landline telephones when presenting. Presenters should test their audio quality and dial in using a different phone system if needed.

Upload a video

Step 1

From the channel management page, click Add content. Select Upload video. Fill in the relevant detail fields, and click Proceed.


Step 2

Click Browse and select the video you would like to upload. Select your advanced options (as desired), add your feature image, select your upload location and click Upload.

Step 3

Preview your video before publishing.

Step 4

Select Edit and publish from the top-left menu then Edit settings in the lower-right corner. Under the Publishing section, change the video status to Publish, then click Proceed to save your changes.

Useful tips

Use the following compression settings for the best results:

  • Codec- H.264
  • Frame Rate – 25 or 30 FPS
  • Data Rate – 2,000 kbps
  • Resolution – 4:3 – 640×480 or 16:9 – 1280×720


  • Codec -AAC
  • Data Rate – 128 kbps
  • Sample rate – 44.1kHz

Create a custom featured image instead of just capturing a still image from the video. Featured image dimensions are 640×480.

Invite your network

Start promoting your webinar well in advance to grow you audience. Invite them at least two weeks before your live webinar to increase the likelihood that they are able to attend (or that you get on their calendar before something else does) and promote it to their colleagues and peers as well.

Step 1

From the webcast management page, click Invite your network, then expand the Link tab.

Select the appropriate link to direct your audience to either your BrightTALK event page or an embedded player page as applicable. Either link will direct your audience to the content before, during and after your live webinar.

Step 2

Share your content with your social networks.

Campaign Tracking

Use BrightTALK’s campaign tracking service to measure and report on the performance of your email campaigns and social media outreach efforts.
Contact your salesperson or customer success representative to add this service to your account.

Reaching BrightTALK communities

BrightTALK has more than 2 million engaged professionals across its communities. Increase organic referral traffic by tagging your content into relevant BrightTALK communities.

Useful tips

  • Inform your customer success representative when you embed your channel so that audience redirection can be configured for your channel.
  • Utilize your channel RSS feed to instantly post newly published content to your social media outlets.
  • Email is usually the most effective tool for driving webinar registrations.

Embed your content

Embedding is a powerful tool that allows you to seamlessly integrate your BrightTALK Channel or individual videos and webinars directly into your own website. Embedding content increases organic registrations and multiplies the reach of your content.

Step 1

From the channel management page, navigate to the Promotion tab and expand details for embeds.

Step 2

Click Preview and get code for the embed type that best fits your needs.

Available embed types

  • Full channel list – Embed the full channel list for all upcoming, live and recorded webcasts.
  • Webcast in channel – Embed a selected webcast with audience access to the full channel list.
  • Webcast only – Embed a webcast without giving your audience access to the rest of the content in your channel.
  • Webcast only (widescreen) – Embed a widescreen webcast without audience access to the full channel list (recommended for video).
  • Promotional widget: Channel list MPU – An online advertising format of the full channel list. Viewers are re-directed to the default channel location.
  • Promotional widget: Slide feature MPU – An online advertising format featuring the first slide of one or more pre-selected webcasts. Viewers are redirected to the default webcast location.

Audience redirection

To get the most out of your embeds, provide your customer success rep with the URL location of your full channel list embed code. This allows BrightTALK to redirect your audience to your landing page through the unique links included in your automated emails.


Useful tips

  • Keep the proportions the same when you resize embeds.
  • Embed with JavaScript when possible as it enables support for iOS.
  • Share your embed codes to make your content available in multiple locations. Use promotional widgets on blogs, partner websites, and other webpages to direct audience to your main embedded content.

Create a survey

Use surveys to gather information about your audience beyond what comes on the standard registration form, or to better align registration data with your organization’s systems. Channel surveys apply to subscribers when they register for any content in your channel. Webcast surveys are tied only to a specific webinar or video.

Step 1

Select question type from the drop-down and click Add. Fill out the pop-up form and click save. Repeat these steps until you have all of the survey questions you require.

Step 2

Use Drag to organize your survey questions. Then click the Make Active button to activate your channel or webcast survey.

Create a channel survey

From the channel management page, navigate to the Settings tab, then choose Channel survey.

Create a content survey

Access the management area for the webinar you would like to add a survey to. Click the Content survey link.

Useful tips

  • Asking a lot of extra questions can decrease registration rates, so stick to asking only the most pressing questions.
  • Audience members will never have to answer the same channel survey question twice. Returning audience will only see new questions that you have added.
  • Some common uses of the channel survey include adding a disclaimer or asking for zip code. Some common uses of the webinar survey include collecting questions ahead of time for the presenter or gathering audience stats on the webinar’s topic.

Customize email notification templates

[Professional and Enterprise-only feature]

For comprehensive information on the BrightTALK email service, click here.

Step 1

From the channel management page, navigate to the Promotion tab, then choose BrightTALK email service.

Step 2

Click Edit on the email notification you would like to customize.

Step 3

Click Create a custom template to access the HTML and text template codes.

Step 5

Click Preview & send test to preview the email and to send a test email out. To activate the template, select the Activate radio button.

Step 4

Use the current HTML Email body as a reference to create your custom email.

Personalization tags (variables) with descriptions are available on the right-hand side. Use the Insert link to place the tags into the Email body window, or use your preferred HTML editor.

Click Copy text from HTML to produce a plain text version of the email. Click Save when complete.

Useful tips

  • Think about the experience of your audience when crafting your emails.
  • Make your emails consistent with the other emails that your organization sends. Include links to your website and social media profiles.
  • BrightTALK can produce custom HTML emails that match your branding requirements. Ask your customer success rep for details.

Review Performances-Channel summary charts

Summary charts are graphical depictions of your channel’s ongoing performance. Summary charts are available at both the channel and webinar levels. The following two charts show channel-level data.

Step 1

Audience activity – This summary report is located on the channel management page under the summary chart. Use this chart to measure the amount of activity on each webinar or video in your channel. Compare registrations and viewings of your webinars over time.

Review Performances-Webcast summary charts

Webinar-level summary charts can be accessed by clicking the Webcast reports from the webcast management page. The three types of summary charts are listed below.

Audience growth

This chart displays the activity of the registrants of your webinar. Use this chart to track registrations and viewings from the time you schedule your webinar or upload your video moving forward.

Live viewers and exits

This chart displays the number of viewers and exits during the live event. Use this chart to identify which sections of your webinar were the most compelling to increase engagement for future webinars.

On-demand viewers by minutes viewed

This chart displays the number of on-demand viewers by their total minutes viewed of the webinar. Use this chart to identify how long your on-demand viewers remain engaged with your webinar.

Useful tips

  • Provide these charts to your team to share an overview of your efforts and webinar performance.
  • Continue to promote your recorded content to turn your registered no-shows into on-demand viewers.
  • Most live viewers enter into the webinar 5 minutes after its start time. Make sure your presenter waits until after this time to cover his or her most important speaking points.

Access reports

Subscriber reports are available for download within each reporting section. All reports can be downloaded as CSV files and viewed in your preferred CRM program.

Locate channel-level subscriber reports

To download the summary-level information across your channel content, scroll down to the bottom of the channel management page. Use the Generate or Regenerate link to create an up-to-date version of your subscriber data.

Download comprehensive reports from the Subscribers tab within the channel management page. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to generate and download reports.

Locate webinar-level subscriber reports

To access webinar-level reports, click webcast reports from the webcast management page. Several reports are available on this page. Click Report for the report you would like to download then scroll to the bottom of the page to generate a CSV file that you can download.

Available channel-level reports

  • All webcasts – includes all high-level information across all webcasts for your channel.
  • All subscribers – lists user details including registration and viewing totals across all channel content.
  • Subscriber activity by webcast – lists user details including registration and viewing totals across each webcast.
  • All subscriber activity log – lists specific subscriber records for each registration and viewing.

Available webinar-level reports

  • Pre-registrations – lists a breakdown of all registrants.
  • Viewings – lists a breakdown of total, live and on-demand viewers.
  • Questions – lists all viewers that asked a question along with what they wrote.
  • Votes – provides the votes results and a list of who voted and what they voted for.
  • Attachments – lists the attachments downloaded by each viewer.
  • Feedback/Ratings – lists all viewers who provided feedback along with their response.

Useful tips

  • Download your reports at a regular cadence. We recommend that you download them at least once per week, but more often if possible.
  • Share your reports with your sales team so they may follow up with your subscriber.
  • Integrate your CRM and/or marketing automation platform with BrightTALK so that your new subscribers are turned into leads which your sales team can act on.

Syndicate your content

[Enterprise-only feature]

Syndication enables you to distribute your content across multiple channels. The originating channel retains control of the webinar including the date, time, duration, slides and votes. Receiving channels have the ability to promote the webinar to their communities and configure registration and surveys to suit their needs.

Step 1

From the receiving channel management page, click Add content and select Syndicate into this channel.

Step 2

Search for the title of the content you would like to syndicate into another channel. Click Syndicate in then click Confirm on the following confirmation pane.

Step 3

The originating channel owner will receive an email requesting approval. Click the link in the email to go to the Syndication section of the webinar in the originating channel to approve the syndication.

You can also reach this area manually by clicking Syndication from the webcast management page.

Step 4

Click Manage for the content intended for syndication and then Approve within the pop-up.

Useful tips

  • Syndication will become active once both channel owners have approved.
  • The originating channel can see summary figures on syndicated content. The receiving channel retains privacy of detailed subscriber information.
  • Receiving channels can tailor the details of a syndicated webinar to best suit their audience.

Integrate your data

[Professional and Enterprise-only feature]

Integrate BrightTALK™ Channel data with your CRM and marketing automation systems to connect content marketing to revenue.

BrightTALK for Salesforce

Enable your sales team to respond rapidly to the buying behaviors of your audience by offering real-time access to your BrightTALK engagement data. Say goodbye to waiting for lead lists to arrive or spreadsheets to upload. Your BrightTALK engagement data is automatically updated in Salesforce and available for immediate action. The faster your sales team acts the more likely they are to generate pipeline and close more business.

BrightTALK for Eloqua, Marketo, Hubspot or Pardot

Optimize your marketing performance by incorporating engagement data into your marketing automation campaigns. Use integration with your marketing automation software to drive nurturing campaigns and provide valuable intelligence for your sales team.

  • Map your BrightTALK subscriber data to your campaigns
  • Link your content directly to the program or campaign builder workflow
  • Build Dashboards to see the global performance of your BrightTALK Channel(s)

Visit the BrightTALK Academy to learn more about marketing best practices.

Visit the BrightTALK Academy to learn more about marketing best practices.